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Computer Tips In General, Products and Services!

    TomsTips will address some basic computer tips about your computer. We will offer to share some different kinds of software programs and services available to you. We would like to share how to use proper etiquette when using your e-mails from friends and families.

    We cannot address a tip for every type of computer, software program or e-mail issue. What we can offer is a basic common sense approach in how you, as one person, can better inform yourself and try these tips to better your own computing experiences.

    It has been our experiences, dealing with people in general about their computers, basically everyone wants to learn how to do certain things with their computers. In general, most people lack the knowledge necessary of how to find, where to look and how to apply the information they have just learned to their computers.

    So, we want to encourage you to try some of Tom'sTips. Do not be afraid of trying something new! Have confidence in yourself that you are able to do those things with your computers that you long to achieve.

    Be sure that you understand and read all information about any software products before you install it onto your computer. Make sure that any software programs are designed to meet the minimum requirements of your computer and for your specific operating system before any installations.

    We, at TomsTips, are not responsible for any adverse effects or damages that you may personally experience or incur with any of these tips, software programs or any actions that you may apply to your own computers.


Your Computer

        On or Off ?

        Defragmentation ?



        E-mails ?

        To 'Cut' & 'Paste' ?

        Reply to All ?

        Caret Marks ?

        Idiot E-mails ?

        E-mail Hoaxes ?



        Educate Myself ?

    I have provided a 'Yahoo Search Box' at the top of my pages for your convenience. Real friends are hard to come by and if they possess computer knowledge and are willing to share it with you, then you are a blessed person!


Computer Magazine

    The Best Computer Magazine : By far, the best computer informational website and magazine that I personally have found is at PC WORLD Magazine. The magazine offers 12 issues per year for under $20.00.


FREE Computer Programs

    Use at your own risk : Please read all of the necessary information associated with these computer software web links in order for you to determine if these programs are beneficial to you. Pay close attention to the minimum operating system (O.S.) requirements to run each program and if it is available to use with your O.S. Before installing any new software you may want to make a back up of your current hard drive.


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